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Buying A Fixer Upper-For You or Not For You?

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One Response to “Buying A Fixer Upper-For You or Not For You?”

  1. Mira says:

    Joe I love your defense for every point I make is aalyws “you’re just not an Eagles fan!” If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were on the team payroll with Spuds and Eskin.Truth is I am a massive Eagles fan. I am a fan of football in general. In fact, I spend so much time watching football from the Birds and other teams that one might call me football crazy. I can speak from an informed viewpoint on the Birds because I can compare them with what I am seeing from other teams. Yes it is pre season, shake the rust off, but the point isn’t to display poor habits endemic of a larger problem. Let’s look at some concrete things we know after 2 games.1. McNabb is back. He had a few bad tosses in the rain (and they did throw for an ungodly 52 passes), but he looks like the old D Mac.2. Herremans can play OT. He handled Peppers last night. This is probably his natural position and he is a much better backup option than that stiff Winston Justice.3. Laws and Jackson are players. Both look to contribute a lot in 2008. Good job and value on those second rounders.4. Akers cannot kick into the end zone or hit consistent field goals of any length.5. Booker cannot catch kickoffs. Good to see that early, except they again put all their eggs in one basket that looks to have a hole in it. The return game needs to be addressed.6. Dawk looks slow. I am sorry, I love Dawk, top 3 Bird, but he looks done. the guy gave up 2 passing TD in the red zone thus far in the pre season due to shoddy coverage (fine debate the score last night Joe, it was 6)7. They are sloppy. They take nearly 100 yards a game in penalties, a trend that started when they started to fall from the elite status. Too many false starts, clips, and holds just kill drives. When you are a team with no game breakers who needs to sustain 8-12 play drives, you can’t do this. Yes B Wes is a game breaker, but everyone knows that and adjusts to focus on stopping their lone home run threat.8. The WR drop too many balls. I think there were 7 last night. Again, drops kill drives and make good QB look bad.9. The starting DE are tiny and thus get pushed around in the run game. 2 teams have just run the ball easily to the outside because the ends get pinned and the LB don’t recover.10. Big Red pisses time outs away in mind numbing situations which hurts them later in hurry up offense. 3rd and a few inches was just one example last night. You cannot burn these and hurt your team in crucial situations later. You also put yourself at risk for late game, crucial challenges. The guy ahs done this for 10 years…when does he improve?OK Joe, which statement above is untrue? Where have I really missed the boat? These are core issues that make potentially good teams bad and I just want to know why I’m wrong to point out alarming trends that will lead to a reduction in wins. i realize this isn’t a championship caliber team, I just want to see them reach their potential, which they won’t do given some of these core flaws.I know, I know, I’m just an alarmist.Bumble


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